Our mission is to inspire you to continuous learning by implementing the principle of life-long-learning.

Primeclass is a community of researchers. Together with experts and methodologists, we have developed a unique educational methodology that has taken the best from academic education and online courses familiar to many. This method helps everyone to effectively develop professional and personal qualities, achieve goals and get tangible results.
Our online university operates in accordance with the laws of the state of Delaware, USA. Therefore, with the Diploma of Primeclass, you will be able to immediately enter the global labor market.

American Diploma

Yours team of specialists

These are the people who make everything possible.
Founder & CEO
Ivan Kovpak
Focused on strategic business development. Monitors the implementation of business plans and the achievement of long-term goals.
Head of Talent Capital and Infrastructure
Olga Karpenko
Supports high team productivity by creating healthy working conditions and infrastructure.
Content Lead
Yulia Brachuk
Creates a strategy and tactics for our external communications. So that you are interested in reading and endlessly involved in the learning process.
Dean, Design Lead
Alexey Grishko
Develops beautiful and functional curricula, improves methodology, makes the product convenient and easy to use.
Customer Success Lead
Irina Sytnik
Keeps in touch with students. Makes sure that communication between all participants of the educational process is easy and comfortable.
Analytics Lead
Kirill Kostyurin
Closely monitors all the indicators of the service so that Primeclass can give the coolest learning experience, and students achieve their goals.
Head of product, Dean, Production Lead
Alexander Slyadnev
Organizes the educational process, develops training programs on the Primeclass methodology and helps in creating visual materials for the service.
Dean, IT Lead
Anna Patoka
Works on improving the service and user experience. Takes care of the continuous operation of the platform.
Methodology Lead
Elizabeth Moroz
Organizes all the lessons and homework according to the methodology of the Primeclass Framework. Makes sure that students are interested in and effectively go through the learning process.
Photo & Video Lead
Kirill Poznansky
Creates photo and video content for Primeclass students. Constantly improves the quality of shooting, editing, scenarios in order to achieve maximum ease of perception of information during training.
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