Step 2: Schedule a call with us!
We want to meet you personally — as our future student and a community member. Let`s get closer, talk about your goals and needs and introduce ourselves. This way we can recommend you the best career track you need to achieve everything you want.
What to expect:
Video call – Zoom or Google Meet
Just turn on your laptop or mobile phone, check the connection and use the invitation link — anywhere and anytime.
Comfortable meeting with our team member
An ice-breaking experience to introduce ourselves and see each other`s smiles. Informal and fun!
Detailed discussion of your goals and needs
Tell us about your real passion for photography and the craziest goals you want to achieve. We want to provide you with all the opportunities and essential information to help with that.
What is Primeclass?
Brief description of how it works and what you will get. Anything you could miss from the webpage.
Bootcamp insiders
Most important things you need to know as a student and community member.
Q&A session
Ask your questions and get immediate feedback from Primeclass team.
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