Russian warship, fuck you!
Primeclass University is a Ukrainian team. We had a profitable and growing business. Today our business model is ruined. We have completely stopped sales. Education now is not the most important thing for Ukrainians to say the least. Sales in Russia and Belarus are now impossible for us for moral reasons — our team unanimously rejected bloody money.
We no longer work with Russia and Belarus.
We cannot cooperate with countries that openly kill our children, our families, destroy our homes. But. We continue to work even in shelters under the fires — in Dnipro, Kharkiv, Vinnitsia, Kiyv, Odesa.
Despite all the horror around us, the team is encouraged. We are alive. Maybe even more than we have ever been.
We became volunteers
The entire management team and 90% of the line staff, 35 people in all, chose to continue working as volunteers, with no guarantee of receiving a salary because we have no income to pay it.


We try to save lifes.
We do what we can.

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Kirill Revva, the Head of our Sales Team, collects and hands over humanitarian aid to the military together with his family.
The family of Elvira Ischenko, our sales expert, helps the refugees and the military hospital. They feed and warm the guys at the checkpoints, carry coffee, food and clothes.
Kirill Kostyurin has been doing analytics and now sends funds, medicine and clothing to volunteers.
The family of Ivan Kovpak, our CEO and founder, helps families evacuate from Ukraine to safe countries. They also regularly donate food and clothing to the fighters at the roadblocks and support financially to volunteers.
Nastia Diachenko, our content specialist, weaves camouflage nets, supports the city fighters and the military defense, with financial and humanitarian aid. She works in the ranks of the IT-defense.
Alisa Nelep, sales expert, helps medics and army. She has collected more than $3000 for armor vests thanks to her relatives in Poland. She helps the military.
Ilona Veremeenko in peacetime knows how to sell educational products, and now takes care of the humanitarian aid in the hospital.
The son of Olga Karpenko, our head of recruiting and infrastructure, has gone to guard his hometown.
Varvara Lozko, our talented and creative copywriter, helps out financially with the military and defense forces, collects food for the volunteer center, receives and sends financial aid from relatives in Budapest for the army and humanitarian aid.
The family of Julia Gontarenko, our IT expert, sends money for the military.
Yulia Brachuk, head of the content team, sends money to the military, animal shelters, and helps refugees find housing in safe cities.
Anna Patoka and Katya Zemlyanaya, experts in IT and copywriting, help volunteers in the field.
Alexey Grishko, head of the design team, fights in the IT army, helping to create an app to inform about the air-raid alarm and a website in English to tell about what's really going on and how to help Ukraine.
Lena Khmelar uncle is fighting in the war. Together with her family, Lena, our recruiter, collects clothes for refugees and the army, and helps financially. Lena's mother makes parcels for the emergency services.
And that's a small part of the team that has managed to write something in the chat - between helping those in need and hiding in the shelters.
You can donate as much as you want. We will send 50% to the army and volunteers and 50% will go for our team.
By clicking the “Donate online” button, you agree to our privacy policy.
Within an hour of transferring funds, our support team will contact you and open access to the selected course.
In exchange for your donation, you can choose any course from our library
You don't need a course, you just want to help us to save more lives?
Donate by Paypal any amount you can via
Donate by Wire Transfer, US bank account:
Heartbeat Education Inc.
PNC bank
Account Number: 1219788888
Routing Number: 267084199
Donate by cryptocurrency, Tether (USDT):
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Available Skills

Please note that all skills are taught in Russian.
History of Fashion
See the key facts in the history of world fashion and find out how trends were formed.

Why now
Just take a break from the news. Read useful information and give some relaxation for the nervous system.
Fashion illustration by handheld techniques
Learn to doodle from scratch for the fashion and marketing agencies.

Why now
This skill gives you the opportunity to find distant work in companies around the world.
Fashion illustration through digital technologies
Do you have an iPad? Learn to draw from scratch in ProCreate.

Why now
This skill makes it possible to find distant work with companies around the world.
Mobile photography
Have a smartphone? Learn to take pictures for business and individual contractors.

Why now
This skill makes it possible to find distant work with companies around the world.
The key to a child’s heart
Learn to work with the stress of your children and continue building healthy relationships with kids for any circumstances.

Why now
Your children need to understand and feel that everything will be fine.


We are saving Primeclass by entering the English-speaking market

We believe that Primeclass Online University is what this world needs. We are the opposite of what war and Russia are doing.
So, we will not let our dream die and within a month we will start sales in the English-speaking market. We will start with the course "Food photography", our most successful product.

It's the best thing we can do without money, through the efforts of our team of volunteers — that's what we do in the evenings when curfews no longer allow us to be outside.
An education that gives you the opportunity to have a business you love or a job with a decent income and a global outlook — that creates a society with free people and less violence
we will win
we will win
we will win
we will win
we will win
we will win
we will win
we will win
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