Start your journey towards success with tuition options that fit any budget, including options for zero upfront tuition cost for those that qualify! You can also rest easy with our Income Protection Guarantee, knowing that if you experience a temporary dip in income, you won't have to pay a thing until you get back on your feet.
Pay from future earnings

What is an ISA?

An ISA is an income share agreement. We offer income share agreements as an alternative to program payment in order to make Primeclass accessible and align incentives.
$0 Upfront tuition
Train first. Pay later.
We have tuition payment plans that fit every budget, including an income share agreement, where you pay $0 up front tuition and $0 interest until you finish your entire course of education - up to 11 months! Then, pay back a small percentage of your future earnings. Upon approval for this program, applicants will submit a nominal Commitment fee that we deduct from your total cost of deferred tuition.
We get paid only when you do. After graduation, if you experience a job loss or temporary reduction in income in any month, we waive any repayment plan while you get back on your feet.
Income Protection Guarantee
* Different income level restrictions may apply

ISA by the numbers

Your ISA percentage varies based on your customized program based
on your unique income growth goals.
  • $0
    Pay nothing upfront, pay no interest and pay nothing if you don’t reach your income goal.
  • 7-14%
    Only after getting paid contribute a small percentage of your income.
  • 24 mo.
    Payment plans can be up to 24 months to minimize monthly costs.
  • For mission-driven institutions
    Income share agreements are used by organizations from top universities like Purdue University to other mission-driven startups like Lambda School.
  • Sponsored by US Senators
    Senate lawmakers have introduced legislation to spur the growth of income share agreements to align incentives and reduce debt.
  • Primeclass makes it better
    Primeclass adds a payment cap, minimum qualifying income, and a free trial to help put your career goals first.


We want to invest in your bright future. We believe in you.
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