Not teaching for now. Saving lives.
We will return to selling educational products, but not yet. What's important to us now is saving lives. What we can do now is connect people, coordinate volunteer groups, and help refugees to find transportation and shelter.
Helping volunteers and refugees
Fill out an application form that fits your need or opportunity. We will get back to you.
I can: transport people / coordinate online / provide shelter / provide psychological assistance.
I need: to go to another city in Ukraine / to go abroad / to take my family out / to find a place to live.
Please note that this form only works in RU language.
Donate now! Help us to save more lives!
We are a Ukrainian business. From the first day of the war we stopped selling products in Russia and Belorussia. And took up volunteering. Now we need donations to save people in Ukraine. 50% we send to the army and volunteers. 50% we give to the team's payroll.
Want to learn with us?
Soon we'll be back to the mission of teaching the professions you love. For example, we're already translating some of our products into English.
If you want to buy our products and start learning, you can leave an application — and we'll get back to you as soon as we're ready. We will be glad to get back to our regular work.
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