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Start your journey with a risk-free 2-weeks bootcamp trial to discover all the best features of full Food Photography Bootcamp program. Take the first step toward your new freelance career with no deposit, no payment, no credit cards necessary. Cancel anytime.
14-day experience of full access to the high-quality bootcamp content
2 personal Feedback Sessions
Polished and proven real-world project for your portfolio
1-to-1 personalized mentor support
Endless community access
Your Free Individual Bootcamp Trial includes:

You pay only if we meet your goals

We create the innovative difference between university courses and truly career-transforming bootcamp programs. We want you to be sure, that your learning program leads you to achieve your goals perfectly.
Experience our program risk-free, credits-free, and doubt-free. You’ll get 2 weeks to dive deep into our learning platform, first unit lessons and assignments, personal feedback, collaborative learning events and 1-to-1 support.

If our product meet your growth plan, you'll start with a $0 upfront full-fledged Food Photography Bootcamp program and unlock all the units after an Enrollment Agreement signed.
Instead of
Outdated curriculum
Lack of practical assignments
One-sided feedback
Unclaimed skills
Time management issues
High-sky priced university course
Huge student loan
Get the Primeclass
Highly-vetted curriculum from industry experts
30+ real-world projects
Feedback loops
Job-ready skills
Bite-sized online lessons
$0 Upfront plan
Pay only when you get payed

How does it work?

Enroll to Food Photography Bootcamp
  • Watch highly-vetted lessons
  • Do project assignments
  • Get personal feedback
  • Join community meetups
  • Collaborate with other photographers
Get a 1-to-1 call with a Mentor
  • Give us your feedback
  • Get the personal learning plan to boost your career with Primeclass
Apply to unlock the trial
  • Take the introduction survey
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Answering popular questions

How do I access the Risk-Free Trial?
It’s easy to sign up for Primeclass Free Bootcamp Experience! Simply apply here. You’ll share some basic information about yourself and take the qualification survey, which helps us predict your ability to succeed at bootcamp and in your future career. Once you’re admitted, click the button that saves your spot in the Bootcamp Free Experience. You’ll get immediate to the trial.
Can I start the full Food Photography Bootcamp program before the end of the Free Experience?
Yes. Once you sign an Enrollment Agreement and complete our onboarding, you have access to the first unit of your bootcamp, for the duration of the 2-week trial. If you finalize your tuition payment before the end of the trial, you will become an official bootcamp member and have full access to your program.
What happens at the end of the 2-week Free Bootcamp Experience?
During our Free Bootcamp Experience, you’ll have the same access to the Primeclass curriculum, events, mentor supports, and community as a fully enrolled member, through the first unit of your chosen program. We think you’ll love the experience. If you decide to enroll, you will be asked to finish these steps before the end of your 2-week trial:

• Complete first Free Feedback Session
• Sign an Enrollment Agreement
• Finalize payment with one of our flexible tuition options (including our $0 upfront tuition).

It is common for some payment options to take 4 days to finalize. Trial members should sign their Enrollment Agreement and finalize tuition during the final week of the trial to account for this timeline. If you have not completed these steps by the end of the 2-week trial, you will be withdrawn from Primeclass and lose access to the Free Bootcamp Experience features.
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