You are considered as an applicant till the moment you get your first feedback from our Mentor for your first bootcamp assignment or automatically in 14 days after you enter a Primeclass Platform. Then you will be considered as a Primeclass student.
Welcome to Primeclass
Thank you for joining our bootcamp! We are happy to see you here. Let's get you started!
First, we will talk about your status and how it will change within the next 2 weeks. Right now you are an applicant. That means you are not a full-time student now, but you already have advantages and responsibilities before you will start your path as a Primeclass student.
Why? We want you to achieve the best and start growing as a successful photographer really fast. That's why we insist you need to dive into bootcamp experience as soon as possible — it will keep your energy high and your mind more interested in something new to explore.
To get your first feedback from our Mentor for your first bootcamp assignment you need to submit the result of the assignment to the Primeclass platform using your personal account. After your projects submitted you will need to attend our weekly LIVE Feedback session to get your feedback directly from the Reviewer.
If you skip submitting your assignments, you will receive cautions from our team. Every week you have to finish 2 homework projects and submit them and get feedback.
We handle two Feedback sessions every week. So after submitting your assignment you need to attend the next one due to the schedule and inform your Advisor about that in the Discord. If you can submit your assignment, but you cannot attend a LIVE Feedback session, you will receive a record of that meeting where you will find the Mentor`s feedback for your assignment.
After the 3rd caution you will be withdrawn from the bootcamp. We are highly interested in working with motivated students only who want to level up in their photography skills and achieve high results. If you cannot be on time with training assignments only, it means that you don't really want to be a highly-paid photographer and we need to give that opportunity to others.
You can always ask for details or discuss this process with your Advisor, but just keep in mind that you are responsible for your success.
Let's move to the next topic — our three-step process to start your learning journey.
What you need to know about an applicant status:
You can enjoy your applicant status for a while to get acquainted with the program, attend a test Feedback session and work with your homework, but you need to submit your first bootcamp assignment as soon as possible after getting access to the Primeclass platform. We recommend doing that in the first 3 days after logging in.
As an applicant you have a 14-days trial period to finish your other obligations and start the bootcamp journey. During this period if you decide to withdraw the bootcamp, we will refund 100% of the commitment fee to you. But from the moment you will be considered as a Primeclass Student, your commitment fee is not refundable any more.
Sign the Primeclass Agreement
  • Use your real name. We need to recognize you among all the students and community members.
  • Use the same mail address you mentioned in the registration step. It will also help us to see you clearly in the system and to help you asap.
Attend the Welcome call
Your second essential meeting with the Primeclass community is the Welcome call. You will meet your Student Advisor and your Mentor to get instructions about the Primeclass platform and information about the learning process — all the meetings, assignment rules, community learning system, and feedback sessions.
10:00 AM PST | 4:00 PM PST

Activate Discord Account
First, you need to get a link to our Discord server — to get eternal access to the professional community.

This is our only channel to communicate during the learning process and also it`s the platform for our LIVE events and meetings. You will also receive all the event notifications and weekly schedules there. Using the Discord Primeclass channel you will get your personal feedback from the expert and discuss assignments with your team. That's why Discord is the biggest part of your success here.

If you already have a Discord account, just use this link.

You need to create a new account if you have never used Discord. Don`t worry, it is simple!

  1. Download the Discord app on your chosen device — desktop, or mobile version — iOS or Android.
  2. Then you need to register an account. It's worth noting that there are no costs to this. Discord is totally free to use. When setting up your account, we'd highly recommend using a strong and secure password and setting up Two-Factor Authentication to protect your account from being used by anyone else and to keep it safe.
  3. Now you are ready to enter the Primeclass server by the link.
The Welcome call is the reference point of your Bootcamp path, so if you most probably cannot attend it and you know it already — please, notify us about that in Discord or just drop the line to other advisors or [email protected]
2:00 PM EST | 7:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST | 6:00 PM CST

Excited to explore this journey with you! Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to support you.
Get in touch with us:
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