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Head of Marketing & Growth

Who we are?
Primeclass is an affordable online university with a great return on education where customers love to learn. Our metrics speak for themselves: NPS - 8.6, 77% of our customers have increased their income within 6 months after completing the chosen course. Till February 2022 (before the war in Ukraine), we primarily worked with Russian speaking markets, most of our team was located in Ukraine. Our monthly sales were at $100K (it is like $1M on US market), we were profitable and our company was valued by investors at $10M. Due to the war, we have been forced to stop sales in Russia and Ukraine and decided to launch in the US market with our extensive expertise. We expect to launch our English-centered product in April of 2022.

What you will do?
I am looking for a growth-minded co-founder with a deep understanding of the North American market. You will be working with me side by side, but I will be looking for your direction in many facets of the product & growth. Big picture: you will be responsible for traffic acquisition via different channels and revenue growth. To be a good fit, startup experience at a similar position is a must.

You will be a decision-maker, who heavily realizes on data to focus your work. For example, you know how to prioritize channels like performance marketing, influencers, SEO, SMM, PR, affiliates based not on your personal priorities, but on marketing funnel and attribution data, from CPM and CPC via ER, CPL, CR to CPL and RPL. To make great decisions you will also need to have profound risk assessment and change management skills.

You will be responsible for the execution of your plan. Some of the requirements, we are looking for:
Being an experienced project manager.
This means most of the time you deliver within time and budget. You can choose and implement a proper framework for different task sets (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall), put dependencies and priorities, make good quality estimations.
Being subject matter expert.
You will provide feedback for your team based on your expertise, also you will need to fill the gaps by yourself when you don’t have proper talent in your team. To be successful in this, you need to be an avid learner and teacher.
Being a team leader.
You will be responsible for finding talents for your team and raising A-players from them. To achieve this goal you need to be aligned with our corporate culture and be successful in managing a remote team.
Being an effective communicator.
Besides your team, you will need to coordinate your decisions with other teams and their leaders: Product, BizDev, Customer Success, Data, HR. Skills like the range of vocabulary and vision, public speaking, presentation, EQ and self-awareness are essential.
Your main goal is to deliver at least 20% MoM growth with ROMI>3, orchestrating your team, performance and branding channels, based on our extensive pool of data, research and analytics.

What we offer?
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we are not able to offer salary at this point, as our primary revenue channels have been severely damaged. I am looking for someone who will have serious skin in the game and will be compensated fairly in company stock.
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